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Neurodiversity-focused consulting, education, training, and mentorship.

Dani - The Punk Rock Autistic

I not only have first-hand experience of being autistic, but I also have worked directly with the disabled population for over 10 years – through avenues of direct support, case management, mentorship, and in the education system.

I’m a firm believer in self-advocacy and self-autonomy. Helping others achieve a way of living a fulfilling life, built on independence and compassion, is a driving force in my career and personal life.

I attended the University of Maryland where I received a BS in both Psychology and Sociology. The ethos behind my consulting is the firm belief that neurodivergent individuals deserve to be heard, deserve self-autonomy and deserve accommodations, and the best way of educating others on what it means to be autistic is through direct first-hand experience.

Services and Booking

Personal Consulting

Individuals and Families

Often when people receive a neurodivergent diagnosis (such as ADHD or autistic), they can find themselves left without a full understanding of what this means.

This can cause a lot of confusion and uncertainty for many people. This can be true for people who are diagnosed at any stage of life. Many are left without resources or tools to navigate this new revelation. Many are guided towards “therapies” that are harmful and dangerous. Many are left in the dark without a means of education and resources.

I provide education on what it means to be neurodivergent, tools and resources, and can meet 1:1 with family members, school staff, individuals, and others to help provide a better foundation for the neurodivergent experience.

Business Consulting

Neurodiversity and Accommodation Training

Accommodations are often a massive barrier within the workforce for many autistic people. Autistic people are forced to conform to an environment that caters to neurotypicals and this can be very difficult for so many to navigate.

I offer workshops and training on creating an environment that is more accessible and inclusive for those with different neurotypes.

This can be provided in many ways depending on the need of the organization. I can provide assistance in creating spaces that are more sensory-friendly, training on how to create more accommodations, training on what autism is from an autistic perspective, training on the Neurodiversity Paradigm, and offer insight and navigation on how to best serve those who are autistic.

Mentorship and Resource Navigation

These services are available to anyone who is looking to spend some time 1:1 with me to gain a better understanding of the autistic experience. This can be you yourself, a family member, a student, or educators.

I can provide insight and solidarity for those who are seeking someone who can understand them, or those who are looking for insight on how to best understand an autistic person they care for. Although I am not a therapist or a counselor, I know what it is like to feel alone and unsure of what it means to be autistic, and I know that I wished that I had someone with lived experience to help guide me through that. My goal is to offer that to anyone who needs it.

The mentorship program is available to provide a safe space, based on person-centered care and compassion to talk about anything on a casual level. Through my experiences as a case manager, I can also provide navigation of resources for services that are affirming and accommodating to the needs of an individual.

Events and Collaboration

I am available to offer my time and experience in a more professional setting.

Looking to feature autistic advocates on your podcast? Interested in interviewing me for your program? Maybe you’re wanting to have a speaker at your event? Wanting to collaborate on a queer or disability accessibility project?

Whatever it is, I am wanting to work with you, your projects, or your organization. Please feel free to reach out; I am always looking to collaborate with others to better serve the disability and queer communities and spread awareness of our experiences.

Ready to start working with me?


Please contact me below. Pricing is based on specifics of the service and includes a free 30-minute consultation via video chat or text.

Services are also available on a sliding scale and low-income options are available.

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